Going off the rails in interviews?

Every day almost, we get an email that goes like this:

I've been through a couple of long interviews (several interviews with the same company). But at the end, when is down to 2 o 3 candidates, I never get the job. Do you know a method to identify what is it I�m doing wrong?

In our experience, the best way to find out what is going wrong is to phone whoever interviewed you and just ask them. Tell them that it's completely off the record and you just want to know so you can improve your performance in the next job you apply to. Most people would be happy to tell you and help you out.

Most people will be happy to help you out.

Now here's the next tip: 12 weeks after your interview, apply to the job again.

Research shows that this initial 12 week period is a trial period for both the employer and the employee and quite often a "mismatched" employee will leave after the 12 week mark if the job is not right for them. It may sound unblievable, but sending a letter 12-16 weeks later has landed our clients more jobs than i can count, so give it a go!

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